Kinetic Profits

Backed by an arsenal of computing power, Jonas Elmerraji’s Kinetic Profits offers you a superior edge over Wall St. in order to bring you huge gains.

About Kinetic Profits

Kinetic Profits uses an arsenal of computing power to give you a statistical edge over Wall Street.

As a Kinetic Profits subscriber, you get access to the Kinetic Composite indicator, a proprietary tool that analyzes decades of price data to identify a stock’s strongest periods year after year. Put simply, it shows you when a stock is most likely to be in motion — thus the “Kinetic” part of the name.

It finds the best opportunities for investors to potentially enjoy a strong, persistent tail wind in a specific stock.

More importantly, this tool is laser-accurate, identifying upward moves in stocks with an unheard-of 93.5% accuracy in real-world testing over more than a decade. Right before a profitable Kinetic Window opens up in a stock, you’ll get an alert sent straight to your inbox.

Powering Kinetic Profits is Archimedes, Seven Figure Publishing’s exclusive quantitative research and trading platform. Archimedes is constantly scouring the markets for profitable opportunities that trigger under our system — and it’s able to alert you to them mechanically, with zero emotion or bias.

That means, for the first time ever, you can harness a quantitative research team to get a statistical advantage over other market participants. Now’s the time to start trading with a tail wind.

Meet the Editor: Jonas Elmerraji

Jonas Elmerraji

Jonas Elmerraji, CMT, is Seven Figure Publishing's in house quantitative analyst. He is also a contributor to Technology Profits Daily. Jonas has been with Agora Financial/Seven Figure Publishing since 2009. In 2017, his proprietary trading strategy beat the markets by over 20%.

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Benefits: What You Get With Kinetic Profits

  • 2-3 Monthly Kinetic Profits Trade Recommendations… I comb through Archimedes’ thousands of predictions every week, looking for upcoming kinetic windows and positive K-Scores. Then, I run the trades through the “Ultra-T3M” filter to give us a data-proven 93.5% likelihood of huge profits.
  • Unlimited Access to Kinetic Tools… Hear about a stock you’re interested in buying? Wondering if there’s a good time to trade in and out of big mover? Simply enter the ticker into the Archimedes Prime interface and get a detailed download of Archimedes’ full analysis on the stock.
  • Unlimited, Free Kinetic Tools Upgrades… Archimedes never stops evolving. Sometimes he learns this on his own and sometimes I make modifications that increase his accuracy. No matter how advanced he becomes, you will reap the benefit of each upgrade and never get charged a penny more for a superior product…
  • Kinetic Profits’ Digital Download Library… When Archimedes identifies a special situation – such as trading commodities or crypto markets – I’ll issue a special briefing that includes all the intelligence he has uncovered. It will be available for a direct digital download inside the Kinetic Window encrypted website.
  • Weekly Email Check-Ins… I’ll be in touch every week with news my most recent and pressing market analysis and updates on our positions.
  • Kinetic Window “Max Profit Alerts”: I don’t ever expect you to track when any of our kinetic windows close and it’s time to sell. So I send you a direct message as well as post inside the members’ only website when it’s time to take profits and move onto the next kinetic window.
  • White-Glove Member Concierge Service… I’ve arranged for you to have a human touch whenever you need it. Simply contact your VIP concierge team with any questions you may have about your membership at any time. They are highly-skilled and ready to pick up the phone or reply to your email every Monday through Friday during market hours.
100% Satisfaction Guarantee

30-Day “Crash the Computer” Guarantee

If, at any point during the first 30 days of your Kinetic Profits membership, you find that:

  1. The gains resulting from both your interaction with Archimedes Prime or the recommendations passed on by me, Jonas Elmerraji, are NOT satisfactorily large, fast, or consistent in nature; Or
  2. The quality of computational power provided to you – including WHEN to buy, HOW MUCH profit to expect, and WHEN to sell—is in ANY way lacking; Or
  3. You simply feel overwhelmed by the 6,000+ kinetic windows and sheer supercomputer power you have access to when using Archimedes Prime…

Seven Figure Publishing hereby agrees to cover the cost for you to take your valued business to any in-house financial research publications… up to a value not exceeding that of your Kinetic Profits membership.

These terms shall stand in place of a traditional refund agreement, and remain available so long as the access window to Archimedes Prime is open.

Sample Performance

Just take a look at the gains you could have made in 2017…

And take a look at the gains that you could have already made in 2018…


What Our Readers Are Saying...

  • “I was skeptical when I got into your trading system last year. However, between the trade recommendations and using [Archimedes], I was able make $315,000 between August and December. That’s with the losses. That is an incredible realized gain.”
    — Megan E.
  • “My 7 positions netted me over $10,000.00. I have booked almost $35,000.00 since becoming a member, only 3 short months ago. Thank you!”
    — Austin P.
  • “I bought a lifetime subscription last year, before I made even my first trade. My first move was Hasbro and got in on the BlackRock recommendation. Sold half my position with today's recommendation and made back the cost of the subscription plus a whole lot more.”
    — Morgan G.