Kinetic Profits uses an arsenal of computing power to give you a statistical edge over Wall Street.

As a Kinetic Profits subscriber, you get access to the Kinetic Composite indicator, a proprietary tool that analyzes decades of price data to identify a stock's strongest periods year after year. Put simply, it shows you when a stock is most likely to be in motion — thus the “Kinetic” part of the name.

In other words, it finds the best opportunities for investors to potentially enjoy a strong, persistent tail wind in a specific stock.

More importantly, this tool is laser-accurate, identifying upward moves in stocks with an unheard-of 93.5% accuracy in real-world testing over more than a decade. Right before a profitable Kinetic Window opens up in a stock, you'll get an alert sent straight to your inbox.

Powering Kinetic Profits is Archimedes, Agora Financial's exclusive quantitative research and trading platform. Archimedes is constantly scouring the markets for profitable opportunities that trigger under our system — and it's able to alert you to them mechanically, with zero emotion or bias.

That means, for the first time ever, you can harness a quantitative research team to get a statistical advantage over other market participants. Now's the time to start trading with a tail wind.

Jonas Elmerraji

Jonas Elmerraji is Seven Figure Publishing's in-house "quant." Jonas started his career working in investment operations for a mutual fund company with $617 billion in assets under management. After that, he pulled a short stint at a prestigious Big Four public accounting firm, working on financial statement audits for Fortune 500 companies. At Seven Figure...

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