Technological trends are being conceived at a pace never seen before. We’re on the brink of what could be the tipping point into a new era of great wealth and discovery. One we have not witnessed in decades. Fortunes will be made by savvy market watchers… And you could be one of them!

But there’s one problem: With new technologies like iPads, cellphones, mobile computing, breakthrough drug development and new cutting-edge medical tech, it’s nearly impossible for you to keep up with the throngs of new innovation and still be able to forecast which companies are set to profit.

Until now.

Technology Profits Confidential does all the work for you. It’s your personal guide to up-and-coming technologies and the companies that are set to cash in.

Growing up, I’ll bet you knew a kid like Ray.

When Ray was 10, he was the geek that spent hours in his room every night, typing programming code into his Timex Sinclair 1000.

By eighth grade, while most other kids were outside knocking a baseball around, Ray was in his basement figuring out how to build what’s called a “Wilson Cloud Chamber” — a supercooled device for detecting particles of ionizing radiation.

From there to advanced robotics and avionics… genomics and biotechnology… getting smarter was his idea of fun. And now he’s combined his passion for technology with financial and stock market expertise.

And just to be clear, the companies that Ray highlights aren’t fly-by-night operations. Technology Profits Confidential covers the safest and most well-established companies — companies that hold tomorrow’s technology and offer you a chance to significantly profit.

Over the next few years, you’ll be witness to an accelerating revolution in technology and science that will profoundly change the world. Technology Profits Confidential is your portal to this fast-moving world — now’s your opportunity to turn science into wealth!

Ray Blanco

After earning a bachelor’s degree in information technology from Hodges University, Ray Blanco spent over a decade working for public and private companies as a network technician and systems analyst. Ray used to work for one of the most successful private wealth management firms in the country — with over $30 billion in assets under...

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